Deploying a rails application with Lighttpd and LxAdmin
Solution 1. Login to LxAdmin at https://ipaddress:7777

2. If this is the first domain you have setup, you will first need to setup a dns zone template. Please see How do I configure DNS for more details.

3. Add your domain to LxAdmin >> Click On the Domains tab at the top of the screen >> Click Add Domain on the set of tabs in the middle of the screen >> Enter in Domain Name, pick a password, Continue without plan >> Then click Add.

4. On the next screen, change the Number Of Ruby Process from unlimited to 2 and leave everything else how it is, and click on Add. (If you have already added your domain you can set the number of ruby processes by clicking on your domain, then clicking on Limit) You will now see a list of domain added to your server.
5. Click on your newly added domain. Under the box labeled script, click on Rails App. In the rails application manager, click on Add Rails App.

6. Now, select a name for your application, check the box that says “Accessible Directly”, and change the number of ruby processes to 2 and click add. This will setup the follow directory where you rails application should be located: /home/admin/ror/

7. Next you should upload or checkout your application to this directory. You should make sure the files under this directory have the permissions of admin:admin. You can do this quickly by running the following command:

chown admin:admin /home/admin/ror/domainname/applicationname -R

8. Now, you can setup your MySQL database in LxAdmin by clicking on MySQL databases. After you add the database it will give you the exact database name and username to use in your database.yml.

9. Once you have updated your database.yml with the correct login, password and database name you will need to restart lighttpd using the following command:

service lighttpd restart

If you would like to setup Capistrano to deploy your application, please see the following article: How to setup Capistrano with LxAdmin and Lighttpd

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